Dating Jesus?

One concept which really baffles me is “dating Jesus.”  It just seems very strange.  I’ve heard it come up pretty frequently in the younger Christian crowd, although some grown folks have snagged my ear by saying things like, “Jesus is my husband.”  Of course, being unmarried I can acknowledge the very intricate ebb and flow of the solo dance, which is delightful on most days but a bit coarse on others.  And as long as you’re an unmarried Christian you won’t be able to simply sidestep this issue, especially in a Christian college.  Relationship analysis is definitely the T-I-Usual!  Yet I don’t believe “dating Jesus” is the cure to any symptoms of singleness.  With that being said, let the record reflect my aim is not to shame anyone.  There are just a handful of questions I think need to be addressed, namely “What do you mean when you say you’re dating Jesus?”  Also, “Are unmarried Christian men supposed to date Jesus as well?” or “When you finally do get married, are you #cheating on Jesus?”  All of these questions and more naturally follow the presentation of this particular notion.  So if you are a soul who claims to be dating Jesus, please help me understand where you’re coming from.

A Night at the Opera

Don Giovanni

Last night a cherished brother escorted me into an entirely new world with a visit to the Lyric Opera of Chicago, where the motto is “Long Live Passion.”  Oh how surprised I was by the experience, finding myself a midst of what seemed in many ways to be a truly elite crowd.  Celebrating 60 years of memorable artistry, the Lyric returned to the classic production Don Giovanni by Mozart.  In this dramma giocoso (a fancy opera term I learned, used to denote a mix of serious and comic action) Mozart displays the life and times of a true rascal and womanizer, Don Giovanni.  It was INSANE!  To think, just a few years ago before the Lord saved me a man like Don Giovanni would appear to me as a hero with a harem rather than what such an one is in truth, a hell-bound hustler.  Overall, the performance was fantastically done.  I was seriously impressed with the vocal ability of the actors as well as the entire venue itself.  Yet it was definitely way too risque.  In the end righteous retribution was handed to Don Giovanni with style, and the moral of the story sung from the lips of the cast was “The wages of sin is death.”  Well, Amen and Amen.

Blood Moon

Photo taken from the balcony of Carlson Hall

If you were up before the birds this morning at Trinity you might have been able to see something quite spectacular.  It’s what multiple media outlets have been calling “Blood Moon.”  Also known as a lunar eclipse, Blood Moon is only seen once every few years and pretty much never if you’re not a “morning person.”  Now there are many ways to interpret this strange phenomenon.  In kindergarten classes this just means the moon is turning red.  In an astronomy lab it is deemed an anomalous occurrence in the realm of selenology.  How is it interpreted at a Bible college?  The world is coming to an end as we know it.  Acts 2:20 says, “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord comes…”  If you missed Blood Moon this time it’s okay.  Two more are scheduled to happen within the next few months.  One in April 2015 and one in September 2015.  This particular 2014-2015 year is very special, which is why it’s going to happen four times total.  It won’t be like this again for another two decades.  However, what you can’t afford to be unprepared for is the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Are you ready for the return of Lord Jesus?

Magic Mirror


You may remember the famous line from that old fairy tale about Snow White and her small friends, “Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?”  What I’ve realized is there are magic mirrors and magic media infecting the body of our world today.  I was privileged to attend the “Beyond the Makeup” conference at the College of Lake County recently to hear my sister speak.  Some 500 teenage girls came from all over the chicagoland area to learn of the brutality of “beauty”, falsely so called.  A short clip of a professional photo shoot was launched at the conference, and this world’s “beauty queens” were exposed.  The way these photographers cropped, edited, changed and rearranged hips, eyes, lips, thighs, color and  hair was shocking.  It was magic.  No wonder scripture teaches us to walk by FAITH, and not by SIGHT.  I was challenged to reevaluate what I’ve assumed because of deep seeded media influence.  I’m curious, what have you come to believe standing in the magic mirror?

Reintroducing the iFlip

The Limited Edition iFlip

While spending a fabulous day in downtown Chicago and enjoying some fine dark chocolate at a Godiva store near TIU, I noticed massive crowds waiting outside Apple stores for the new iPhone 6.  What a sight to see!  Something  about how our culture loves the latest gadgets just seems off to me.  It’s a bit excessive, and idolatrous in the worst cases.  I think it’s time to reintroduce the iFlip.  With its compact size, real time background changing option, and authoritative call ending  capability it is sure to make you stand out!  I’m not mad at you for enjoying your smart phone.  Galaxies, iPhones and the rest of the smart phones out there aren’t outlawed in scripture.  Yet the Bible does teach us not to love the things of the world.  So the question is this:  Do you have a smart phone, or does a smart phone have you?