My Rock

I have always grown up in a very loving and strong Christian home.

We are a missionary family, and because of this my dad is constantly traveling and not at home often – but I always had my mom! My mom has always been there for me, from the small things such as bringing me water at night, to supporting and encouraging me in everything I do. There are times where I get angry with her, and act like I don’t care, but its because I know that she will always love and forgive me no matter what.

My mom is such a remarkable person, and an AMAZING cook. It’s incredible; her mother’s intuition is hr super power! I will be away at school, but she will know the moment I get hurt or sick. She will usually call and say “I have a feeling that you got hurt/sick, are you?” and of course I am.

My mom is so selfless, caring and always wanting to help others. Words cannot describe how great my mom is, and I know its because of her caring, loving, and God fearing spirit that I have become who I am today.  She is truly my rock, and I am very thankful to have her as my mommy.




So far this week has been crazy. I have been swamped with homework and working three jobs, but thankfully in the midst of all of this I have been able to relax.  When I’m stressed I usually like to either hang out with my friends or lock myself in my room and take a nap or watch Netflix. Most of the time I end up picking Netflix over a nap.

If you don’t already know, Netflix and college students can be a very dangerous mix! Sometimes I get way into the television series I am watching and forget to do homework. I have to admit that last year I had trouble setting my priorities straight. With the help of a reality check from my GPA, though, I decided that I had to change my habit.

This year I have gotten caught up in the TV series 24 (don’t worry, I’m not addicted), and it is such a good show! I decided that when I do watch it I will only allow myself one episode. Then I finish all my homework, and if I have time before going to babysitting I can watch more. So far I have been doing a good job — hopefully I can stick to that, and not get too caught up again….


It’s a new year

Woo, so happy that school has finally started. Don’t get me wrong, I loved summer and enjoyed not having to do homework, sleeping in, and hanging out with my cousins,  but I definitely missed being around my friends and just hanging out whenever doing whatever. I worked at school during the summer and it was very depressing seeing such a dry campus without students. Thankfully that is all over now and school has started.

This weekend was very eventful. On Friday and Saturday I was able to go to Chicago with my friends.

Friday evening I went with my best friend Lucy. We visited a friend at Columbia University and also went to navy pier to pick up her half marathon packet. It was so beautiful there, just look at the view!

 Saturday I was able to hang out with my friends Syerra and Courtney. We went to Courtney’s church for a gospel concert, and they were they great!

And of course, Sunday was packed with homework. This weekend was great, cant wait to see what this week has in store for me!