UW Madison

So last weekend I had the opportunity to go to UW Madison and visit my cousin. She is on the intramural basketball team for Madison and she had a game that we went to see. It was cool to watch her and hangout in the city. Going to Trinity you don’t get the same college city feel. It was fun to experience the big college experience. I had a great time in Madison and can’t wait to visit her again!

My cousin is #2

Getty Concert

As I think about my time here at Trinity I think about all the amazing opportunities that I have received. I have met so many well know people, worshiped with all types of people. And tonight I had a chance to see the Getty’s in concert for free! So thankful for all the opportunities I have gotten the past 3 years. It is going to be sad leaving this place. 

Kansas City

On wednesday we left for Kansas City. My friend is from the area so we went to spend the weekend with her and her family. So far we have gone shopping, and sightseeing. It has been amazing so far, too bad we only have a few hours left.

The three of us who went down to KC