End of Freshman Year Reflection

Now that my May Term class is finished I thought it would be good to reflect on my freshman year of college at Trinity. I am so blessed that God lead me to go to college at Trinity despite my preference to go to a larger university.

First Semester

My first semester at Trinity was a bit different than I expected it would be. I came to college with all sorts of expectations of what it would be like. I thought at college I would have lots of new friends and lots of school work (especially being an honors student). To a certain extent my expectations were fulfilled. I did gain lots of friends relatively quickly and being part of Emerging Kingdom Leaders (EKL) helped with that. What I did not expect was that college would be…well…kinda easy.

At least that was the case at first. I had an easy first semester and was able to join the school musical just because I had extra time and wanted something fun to do. I didn’t realize at first that God was using this easy semester for His own purposes. I needed to deal with some of the things I had ignored for the past year or two. The last year in high school had been especially hard on me.

There are many reason why 12th grade was probably my worst year in high school, but I will only mentioned a few here: My dad was going through some troubles himself which affected me indirectly. My youth director at church I had since 6th grade retired after she realized she was getting too old to do youth ministry and many in my youth group had left earlier so that I had little church support in 12th grade. The summer before 12th grade I was in an unofficial relationship with a girl that just didn’t work out which was really difficult for me. Finally, 12th grade was just a weird year (in a bad way) because I worked a lot, I was tired of being in high school in general, and I was rarely home because I was working or hanging out with my friends.

God gave me an easy schedule first semester so that I could build up relationships at Trinity to prepare me for what He had planned. He had planned to break me down so that I would finally deal with some of the stuff I had ignored the year before. I remember one week in particular before the school wide day of prayer that I just fell apart. My new friends and Trinity’s community came around me and helped me through this time. God gave me the day of prayer to learn from him and to rest up for the remaining part of the semester. God revealed how He was working through everything even when it seemed like He was distant at times in 12th grade.

This time in my life reminds me of the promise in Romans 8:28 God gives to those who are in Christ. “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” (ESV) First semester I learned to trust more in God and I ended up finishing the semester strong.

Second Semester

My second semester was quite different than my first. I still had much of the same friends though some relationships got much stronger than in first (such as my relationship with my roommate). Because of my easy first semester I decided to ramp things up a bit and take 18 credits (vs 16), I joined more school groups such as the California School Project, and I got a job off campus at Liquid Fusion. To say the least I had a lot on my plate!

There were some topics second semester that I was not really familiar with at all such as philosophy and web design. These are probably my favorite classes, but they could also be my most challenging as I had to learn everything from the ground up. World Civilization Two also took a lot of time because it was an honors class. Working Friday and Saturday nights weren’t my favorite things either as I missed out on a lot of fun events that are normally planned on those nights. Sometimes all of this was difficult for me, but thankfully God let me find value in my work.

Through all of this I learned to be efficient with my time. I still was able to get all of my homework done on time despite all the extra work with more credits and harder classes in general. I valued the free time that I had to spend with my friends. God was moving in my life by being a constant force in my life when things became difficult to juggle. Reading through the Psalms verses like Psalm 28:7 “The LORD is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him.” (ESV) stood out to me during this time. Truly God gave me strength to complete all my responsibilities with excellence and enjoy my time alone with Him.


Next year I plan on cutting back a bit on things. I still will have 18 credits, but my classes should be a little bit easier. I won’t be working at Liquid Fusion anymore and hope to spend more time at campus events and hanging out with my friends. Most of all I want to spend more with God and doing ministry. I will be involved with Men Under God (Trinity’s men’s ministry) which I hope to pour myself into next year. Another exciting thing for me is that I will be going to India on a missions trip with Trinity next winter break. I am hopeful for what God has for me in the future.

First Post!

I am excited to be one of Trinity’s new bloggers. I just got finished with my freshman year and am eager to start my summer plans. Feel free to ask me any questions about my life or time at Trinity. I am hoping to have some posts responding to such questions.