This last weekend a group of my friends went camping at Chain ‘o Lakes State Park about 45 minutes north of Trinity. It was a great time to get away from the busyness of college life and the suburbs that surround Trinity. There are many things that we did during our short time camping.

On the first night we set up camp and made a fire. The next day we woke up and had the awesome luxury of warm coffee and pancakes. We just hung out for awhile until it rained, which for some of us meant playing in the rain. After that we drove to a different state park to go to the beach where we hung out. We followed that up with another fire and hotdogs cooked over the fire. Finally on the last day we just packed up and left because overcast made everyone ready to go back to Trinity.

I think camping will be a new tradition with my friends as we really enjoyed our time together hanging out and hearing some bizarre stories from the past. Our camping experience was truly a time to remember.

A Night of Witnessing

Last night I had a great opportunity to go with witnessing (by that I mean personal evangelism) with a group at Trinity called, the California School Project (CSP). We left Trinity around 5 pm and met up with three other Christian colleges at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. At Moody we went up to the roof of one of the buildings to meet people from other colleges and eat a meal together. It was great to have deep dish pizza while on a roof in downtown Chicago!

When we were all finished eating and getting directions from the leaders, we walked down the streets of Chicago to go to Navy Pier. At Navy Pier we split up into pairs and went around meeting complete strangers, telling them about the Gospel, and praying for them. After more than an hour of witnessing my group met up by the ferries wheel to head back to Moody.

The Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier

From there we shared stories and prayer requests for the people we ran into as well as ourselves. Let me tell you,some people came back with some amazing God directed experiences! Overall it was a great night with a unexpected group of Christians.

Best Deal Ever!

So for shared suite area, Mark and I decided to borrow my aunt’s minivan and go sofa shopping at thrift stores. After initial bad luck, we struck it gold! We bought a couch that is super comfortable and reclines for $35. When we brought it back to the suite we also found it has a working back massager. It has become the pride of Carlson suite 205.