Surprise Conference?

Sometimes Trinity hosts conferences and events on campus because it has the facilities to do so and it is good money for college. They especially like to host conferences on weekends when a lot of people on sports teams are off campus traveling. During lunch today I first surprised to see a bunch of random singers auditioning for something in the student center. I am not sure what it was for exactly.

After that, while I was eating there came hundreds of Spanish speaking people all at once to eat. What I have been told by other students, Trinity was hosting an Evangelical Free Church Hispanics conference on campus and they were all in the chapel before being released to eat in the dinning hall. It all seemed random to me, but it was a good kind of random!

The dining hall packed because of an EFCA Hispanics conference.

Amazing Grace

Right before Fall Break I went to downtown Chicago to go see the musical Amazing Grace. The story is about the life of John Newton, the famous writer of the hymn “Amazing Grace”. For much of his life he was a bitter slave trader, just hoping to make a name for himself and woo his love. He also dreamed of being more of a man then his father. Finally when God’s grace changed him, John Newton gave up slave trading and spend the rest of his life advocating for the abolition of slavery in the British Empire. Newton had a particular influence on William Wilberforce who ultimately was able to abolish slavery through his effort in congress.

Although the first part of the musical was a little bit shaky with character development and on-stage chemistry (probably because they were playing the understudy), I thought it was a fabulous musical. It was a great story of redemption and it also had a pretty good love story to go along with it. I am sure they took some artistic liberty in telling the story John Newton’s life, but it was close enough that it really made you think about how awesome our God is!

Bank of America Theater


MUG Bowling Night

The men’s ministry group on campus called Men Under God (MUG) decided to have a bowling night last week. It was a ton of fun to just bowl with a great group of guys that love the Lord. Here are some pictures from it:

New Sheriff In Town

Recently a major life event happened to me. The RA (Resident Assistant) on my floor decided to step down from his position, which left the floor open to a new RA. Because of this opening I was asked to be the RA and have been training in the last few weeks. I officially started last Friday.

It doesn’t totally surprise me that I was offered the job. Last spring, I had applied to be an RA in a slot that was not filled and did not get the position, but became an alternate RA. It made sense to ask me because I already lived on the floor.

My initial reaction of the job is that it is strange to become the RA in the middle of the semester. I am not used to having a single room, it seems utterly massive especially since I do not have much stuff here. Though it will take awhile for me to adjust, I am confident in my role as an RA because I believe God put me in this role for a reason.

My room with way to much space in it and bare walls…

Concert Choir

This year I joined Trinity’s Concert Choir. Last year I was not in it because I thought it might be to much of a commitment with the rest of the school work I was taking (I was wrong). I been in the choir for a month now and I can say I really enjoy it. I love how fast we learn songs and how good we sound after a few practices. I only wish I joined choir my first year!

Yes we are already practicing Christmas music, its a choir thing.