TBT Move In Day

Moving back into the dorms after summer is always an ordeal, especially when you have stored all your stuff at a storage unit all summer. THis year we decided to go with a uhaul truck instead of trying to get a couple pick up trucks.

Of course this responsibility fell back on me, but it was a good time.


At the beginning of this semester, I asked Paul, a good friend of mine from my church who also leads in the high school youth group I am involved in to be my mentor. We meet once a week (or at least try with how busy both of our schedules are). It has been great to have someone who thinks like me and who understands the international, business mind that I have. I van talk to him about anything and it is great. He always has great advice.

M Burger

So for any of you who don’t go downtown Chicago very often, you may not have heard of this restaurant called “M Burger”

Well M Burger is simply a little walk through whole in the wally burger chain only in Chicago. I think there are four of them downtown.

They make the best hamburgers in America, besides In-n-Out… but they’re kinda hard to find out here.

What my brother and I ordered, in the picture below, are what they call “Noah’s Arc”, and is only on their secret menu…

I’ll let you all look up what is in it if you are curious!

Used Cars…

Having a car in college is a blessing, but a curse in disguise.

I had to change all of my pads and my rotors, along with my rear driver caliper.

This proved to be quite pricey, and quite complicated. But I am thankful for friends who know more about cars than I do who can help me do it all myself instead of pay for the labor.

Basketball. A whole new world.

This picture right here is pretty much a good explanation of my life for the past 5 weeks.

Last basketball season was a tough one for TIU. We had an overall record of 5-25. It was very difficult, and to top it all off, my coach ended up taking a different job right after school let out. Well, our new president and new athletic director went to work, and got us one of the best coaches I have ever played for. Coach Boomer Roberts. He came in to TIU with huge dreams and expectations. We have had practice at 5am at a gym 20 minutes away (our gym here at TIU is getting completely remodeled) every single day for the past 5 weeks. It has been the most exhausting month of my life. I have never worked this hard at anything, and have never been in better shape in my whole life.

If you are reading this, you are going to want to come watch the TIU trojans play basketball this year in our bran new gym. It is going to be an experience, and an amazingly blessed season.