Mom in Town!

My very own mom was in town this both last weekend and this weekend. She is taking a Biblical Counceling class online from our home in France, but once a year she has to come to Indiana for a week and take a class. Indiana is only a couple hours from Chicago, so she flew into Ohare and spent the weekend with me. She then drove down to her class, and came back up for a weekend before flying out to Seattle to see my grandma. It was really nice seeing her, since I had not seen her since last May. She even got to experience a real Chicago Blizzard while she was here, the 5th worst blizzard Chicago has ever recorded.


Josh Markum, my teammate, and I, ran into each other during one of our basketball games near the end of last semester. Let’s just say we hit each other pretty hard. Ended up with 7 stitches for me on my face, and 4 stitches for him on his nose. He also has a concussion and is out for a few weeks. It wasn’t pretty. For future reference, stick to running into your opponent.




Easter Banquet: 304 Style

Every year for the Easter banquet that TIU has in Hawkins Hall, Suite 304 of Carlson has a tradition of dressing up.

Here are the eight of us, plus one who became the RA of our floor, so had to move out.

This picture is the evolution of my roomates. In the middle is Drew, my roommate freshman year who I plan to move back in with for my senior year. He had to leave because he became an RA in Thall. On the left is my roommate from last year, Johnny, who became our RA on our floor this year, so had to move out. On the right is Sam, My current roommate. He is amazing.

University of Alaska Fairbanks

The basketball team went to alaska late october to play University of Alaska, Fairbanks twice in exhibition games. University of Alaska Fairbanks is a NCAA Division II school. They are always in the top of their conference and are known to be a good program. We beat them by ten points the first time we played them, and lost to them by three points the night after. It was a great experience, and fun to be up in Alaska with all of the boys. I even got to feed and pet some reindeer. Santa’s reindeer actually.


The most exciting feeling is having just bought a plane ticket.

I can’t wait to go back to LA for a week over christmas and spend it with some of my very best friends in the world, the Richardson family.

I also get to see a lot of people I have not seen since high school, and people I got close to during my two years living in California.

It will be short but sweet.


This is Chris. He is on the JV basketball Team, and is from Florida. He is a freshman and has gotten involved at my church in the youth group. I’m very thankful for him. we are similar in a lot of ways and get along super well. Can’t wait to see the man of God he becomes during his time at TIU.



This is Paul. He is a great leader at my church and in my youth group. I have gotten to know him a little bit better over the past year, and when I realized how similar we were in many ways, I asked him to mentor me. We meet on almost a weekly basis, and talk about life, God, challenges, blessings, and everything in between. It is a blessing having someone in my life to talk to about anything and everything.


Sam & Drew

Sooo this is Sam. The obvious one in the picture. He is my roommate. I am kind of surprised I have not posted anything about this fantastic man yet in my blogging this year. He is from Jackson Wisconsin, is a sophomore football player here at trinity, and is in sorts the mascot of the suite.

He described himself to me when I asked him as “crazy, loyal, fluffy, juicy, and soft.”

He always lightens up my day when I come back to the room. Always has a smile, and rarely in a bad mood. He loves the Lord, and I am excited to spend the whole rest of the year getting to know him better. The beggining of th eyear is always busy between football and basketball, but after the craziness calms down, we will spend a lot of time together.

Oh, and Drew, my roommate from freshman year, is in the back of the picture. He has never left my life…..