Back to the Cold

So you have seen our great spring break posts and videos. Florida was amazing. Post Florida was tough.

This was the day after we got back. We were tan, and kind of angry about how cold it was still in Chicago.

We all went to Portillo’s together and ate our troubles away, even though we had no more money to do that after spending it all on our trip.

SHYG Winter Retreat

SHYG (Senir High Youth Group) is my youth group at church which I am a leader for. Every year we have a fall, winter, and spring retreat. The winter retreat is the most fun in my opinion. I had the blessing of going again this year, and was able to grow closer to a few of my high schoolers which are in my small group. We play broom-ball, go snowboarding, go tubing (don’t think I spelled that right), and just have a great time in worship and being in God’s word. Definitely would suggest to all college students to get plugged into a church near school, and serve in a ministry.

High School Basketball in Illinois

On the left is Kyran. Kyran is my best friend. We are friends mostly because I am as strange as he is, and he is as strange as I am.

On the right is Mo. Mo is just Mo, and based on the picture, you probably don’t need much of a description.

We decided to go to a high school basketball game, and stand in the student section, and act like highschoolers. It was great, and we felt very out of place, but it was a blast. We saw Stevenson High School #1 in the state, play Lake Forest High School #2 in the state. It was a very good game.

Niece and Nephew

These two are very possible the two people I miss the most from my two years in California.

The are the two kids of my good friends Justin and Caitie.

I love Justine and Caitie like siblings, but their kids are like my nephews.

Olive is the most genuine, sweet, crazy, loving, and loud girl in the world. She calls me uncle James, and I think misses me as much as I miss her.

Her little brother Cannon, well, he’s my 18 years ago. He’s a little ball of fun, and doesn’t know how to stop smiling. Maybe he’s just too dumb to know any better, but for now, I like it. I like to think I turned out alright, so hopefully he will too!