Road Trip to Dubuque

On Wednesday night our basketball team took a road trip to Dubuque, Iowa to play Clark University. It was my first time to Iowa, and my first time to see the Mississippi River! I seem to have been the only person on the team who was even slightly entertained by the fact that we drove over it, but to someone who grew up in Europe, the Mississippi River is something you hear about growing up.  My coach looked at me like I was crazy when I said that was cool. We lost to Clark University, but it was a growing experience for the team.

Three day Tournament

So Wednesday,  the basketball team left for their first away trip of the season. We took a 7 hour drive to Ohio Christian University near Columbus Ohio! It was my first time to Ohio, and very possibly my last… We played three games. Thursday we played Reinhardt University, a good basketball team, and we played well. I had 25 points and we played as a team, but fell to a last second 3-pointer to give them the win. Oh well, moving on! Friday we played Northland International University again, but this time did not play well at all, and lost by 7 points. Saturday, we finished our weekend by playing Point Park University, and again, losing by 7.

So yes, a disappointing weekend for Trojan basketball as we are now 1-4, but at least we are close. we could easily be 4-1, so we are staying positive and will keep working hard until we start winning some!

PS: the cow was at a random truck stop in Ohio. The three Europeans wanted a picture with it…

Coach decided to go through the self checkout with food for the whole team one night… smart.

The International Life

Sometimes, my friends complain to me because they are homesick, or miss their friends, family, or just being home. They tell me they haven’t been gone from home for this long ever before (3 months).

I just smile. I haven’t been home in a year.

Skype isn’t quite the same, but it’s better than nothing!


Coat room problems

So anybody who goes to TIU knows that we have “The Coat Room”… this is a room for coats. We also leave our backpacks in there when we go eat at the dinning hall because we can’t take them in. Now there are many fun little things about the coat room, such as trying to find your backpack within the piles of backpacks after a busy lunch on chapel days, or trying to squeeze in and out of the coat room when there are already 20 people inside this closet sized room, and 20 more want to get in. Just a couple hours ago I had a new one thrown at me! One of my friends decided it would be funny while I was at dinner to take my backpack and put it in the back of the room behind a bunch of tables and chairs where no one would ever put anything… when I went to get it, I thought it was gone. I looked for it for a solid half an hour, asking random people, and was late for study hall before I finally found it… At least I met some random people tonight!

Good times in the coat room.