This summer I will not be going home to france at all. My teammates and I decided that we would stay close to school to be able to work out every day and have our coaches help us get ready for next season. This is pretty normal these days for college sports, and I am glad to have to opportunity to focus on my game and my team. Since I won’t be home at all, my parents thought they would send me a couple pictures to remind me of how beautiful out home really is, and what I will be missing out on.

Set Apart

Set Apart is a week that is “set apart”every spring. It started my freshman year.

Basically, every night of a pre designated week, we have a worship night from 9pm through the night to about midnight or later.

There is a talk given by a student, and lots of worship.

It is a great time to get refocused to end the year well, worship the Lord, and spend time praying and talking with others who are close to you.

It is a highlight of every year, and people get very invested.