MDO Meeting

As you know, I am part of the Multicultural Development Office (MDO) as the Third Culture Representative. Every Monday night, we have a meeting. This past meeting was especially fulfilling. We had Claire Ndethiu come talk with us about gender diversity, and what kind of reconciliation we would like to see here on the campus among men and women. It was awesome how it turned out, sharing our hearts and passions for this campus, on how we want to change it for the better. I’m looking forward to see how we, as a team, can make these changes happen!


Free Chick-Fil-A!

I was sitting by the fireplace in Waybright (one of my most FAVORITE places on campus), and a lady walks in pushing a cart with a big black bag on top. She starts announcing, “Free Chick-Fil-A sandwichies!” Mind you, there were only a few of us in the building at the time, so it wasn’t like there was an instant swarm of people around her. But, my face lit up like Christmas in December when she made that announcement. This is one of the perks of going to Trinity, people. We get free Chick-Fil-A sandwiches!

Paintball with TCK group

So, I am the TCK (Third Culture Kid Representative) at Trinity. For those of you who don’t know what a TCK is, a TCK is anyone who  has spent a significant time growing up in a culture that is not their parents’ culture. For example, missionary and military kids are TCKs. Last Saturday, we went paintballing, and it was a blast! Here’s a picture of us when we got there. 

Dream Team!

Food Creation

I felt like being creative, this morning, with my breakfast. You may find it strange, but I surprisingly found it delicous. You can’t say you don’t like it until you’ve tried it!

Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, and Cocoa Krispies!

Family Skype Date!

My family lives in Miami, Florida. So, I rarely get to see them in person during the semester.

Therefore, I skype them! This is a little less than haf my family (there is seven of us). Friends, meet my mom, my dad, and older brother Matthew!


Oh! And our dog, Freedom.


Everyone, meet my roommate, Amberly. I barely knew her, last year. We weren’t even suppose to be roommates this year. In the first week, though, we clicked so well! I am so glad she is my roommate. She makes me smile.



Yesterday, one of my dearest friends, Jessie got married!! It was such a beautiful wedding, and I was so honored and happy to partake in the celebration. I am so happy for her and her husband, Tyler. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs Wilcox!

Sunday Reflections

On Sundays, I go to a church called Village of Lincolnshire. I just started going a couple weeks ago, and I have been loving it.

Toay, I would like to share with you what the Pastor spoke about this past Sunday and my reflections on it, because I think it is a great encouragment and reminder to those who may be going through trials and struggles.

The passage that the Pastor chose to speak about was on James 1:1-12. The big picture that I received from the teaching was that our trials are to be counted as pure joy (verse 2). Pure joy!! For, our trials produce steadfastness (verse 3).

At first, this concept was so hard for me to grasp. I thought, how could I find JOY in my trials? Trials suck, and are so difficult. 

But, as I continued to listen to Pastor Lee, I realized that when we genuinely ask and seek for God’s wisdom in the midst of trials, He will help us persevere through these trials, and we will be blessed for our perseverence through the reward of completeness and maturity. From our trials, God provides ways of growth in maturity and in becoming Christ-like.

When we realize that growth through perseverence is what trials produce, then parts of us may want to say, “Bring it on, trials! I have God with me to persevere!” The other part of us, then,will  remember the stress and hurt that trials bring. So, we may never be exactly excited about trials to come. But, we can look forward to the growth that God prepares for us in the midst of those trials. We will most likely never find ourselves happy in the midst of trials, either. But, while we may not be happy, we can still have joy. God wants us to have joy, which is the hope we have in knowing that we will be able to persevere and grow in Christ with God’s wisdom to guide and lead us through our trials.

I encourage you, my friends, to consider your trials of today and of the future as pure joy. Trust that God will empower you to persevere through these times in a way that will grow you, and ultimately will glorify Him. That is my word of encouragment for the day :)


This morning, I went to Waybright to do homework. I sit down, look out the window, and see a Zumba class happening out on the lawn! I had to capture the moment. You don’t see things like this everyday. I would have also totally joined, but I was really packed with homework. You may call me a party pooper, but I think I made the responsible choice. Good job, me… It did look really fun, though!

Woo Soccer!

I went to the TIU Women’s first soccer game of the semester, and they dominated the other team 7-2! It was quite the game. So proud of them!