Snowpocalypse: Snow day!

Our first Snow Day of the Semester at TIU! There was at least 14 inches over the weekend! Although it made it difficult to get around. it has brought a lot of joy and adventure to campus. People have been attempting to sled, play football and have snow ball fights.

This is Stephen last night before they were able to clear the sidewalks this morning.

The small path we dug…

Where did the cars go??


Stay warm, stay safe, wear sunglasses and have fun!

A lil’ Swiss Skiing at Lil’ Swiss

This weekend College Union planned a skiing and snowboarding trip to Little Switzerland in Wisconsin. This was my first time skiing! I took a little beginner class and then picked it up pretty well. Next time I go I want to learn how to use the poles. I have never experienced the feeling of gliding over snow so fast!

In the picture below I look kinda ridiculous! haha Missing from the picture: ski poles.


For the first time ever, I was able to go to Disneyland! Curtesy of Tammy Anderson, Stephen and I, were able to go to Disneyland two times and it was such a blast! I loved all the Christmas decorations, parades and unique rides. Living a childhood dream.

Below, are a few pictures from the parade, rides and Disney park.



Repping TIU at Disneyland!

Disneyland was an amazing time but it wouldn’t have been the same without Stephen by my side.



Cali Adventures

Below, are my two good friends and I after the wedding we attended in Pasadena! It was stunning and the reception afterwards was insane. So much dancing, laughter and great food (especially for a wedding!).

 This is Stephen…and he is looking good on Christmas morning!

Stephen and I took a walk around a neighborhood that was decked out with Christmas lights. Some of the houses were completely covered with decorations! I have never seen anything like it.

We hiked a mountain in Joshua Tree National Park, which was basically all boulders. I was nervous we would have to fend off some rattle snakes or tarantulas, but the most vicious thing we saw was a bunny! God’s creation is amazing

“I’m so thankful that I worship a God I cannot exaggerate” -Francis Chan

The Anderson’s and I, ready for the trek!



Christmas Break has begun

Christmas in California! It is a wonderful break so far. There has been a Christmas Party and I’ve met up with some of my High School friends for our friends wedding. The coldest it has been is 60 degrees!

Santa Monica, CA

Below, is a picture of me and some of my high school friends. We went to school in Manila, Philippines at Faith Academy.

crazy boys…

I am loving this break so far. I want to enjoy every moment here, with so many people I love.


Giving Thanks

21 Years of Thankfulness:

  1. Life
  2. Jesus Christ and His amazing grace
  3. Family; each person so unique and treasured
  4. Friends; amazing impacts they’ve had on my life
  5. My health; I have been very fortunate to have lived with so few health issues
  6. Opportunities to travel the world (14 countries)
  7. Adventures in new cultures and lands
  8. Opportunities to play sports
  9. Opportunities to develop my musical talents
  10. The roof over my head and food in my belly
  11. Grew up in a tropical country and could enjoy the sun and beach
  12. Grew up in a Christian home with a loving and supportive family
  13. Freedom to worship Jesus
  14. Chocolate
  15. God’s beautiful nature
  16. God’s provision
  17. Comfy and cozy blankets and pillows
  18. The colors of fall
  19. Fresh snow falling
  20. Worship
  21. Spending time with the people I love most


Thanksgiving this year was spent with my lovely family and Stephen near Rockford, IL. It was a great day filled with food, stories, laughter, games, walks and thankfulness. Besides Jesus, I will always be most thankful for the people in my life.

Below is a picture of Stephen and most of my family who were at our Thanksgiving lunch.

Stephen and I stole Santa’s sleigh.

My cousins, Stephen and I all went to a park near their home to walk off some of the Thanksgiving meal.

The day after Thanksgiving I went to one of my best friend’s home in Chicago and had a second Thanksgiving meal!

This is Hillary (my best friend, the one on the right), her sister Charity and then me in the middle. We had a great afternoon together!


The Christmas Virus

Over the past couple of weeks I have been dealing with many computer issues, ranging from my hard drive dying to viruses trying to take over my computer. I know that sounds like a lot of fun…no…no it’s not.

Along with the nasty virus on my own computer, it seems to be that there is cold-virus going around with all this bi-polar weather. Many girls on my floor are sick or have colds; no fun! The temperatures are really starting to drop and the winds feel stronger than ever…it must be winter. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the snow! I just get cold really easily and the dreary skies aren’t always my favorite.

The best part about winter, besides the beautiful first months of snow, is Christmas! I have had a Christmas countdown in my suite since school started, I am planning a Christmas party for my floor, and the jolly melodies of Christmas music are beginning to be heard around the suite.

You may be one of the people who say you have to wait until after Thanksgiving to get in the Christmas mood, but hey, the decorated malls are giving a contagious Christmas feel. I am going to wait until right before Thanksgiving break to really break out the Christmas decor– and I can’t wait.

As I’ve been fighting feelings of frustration combined with some sleep deprivation and cloudy skies, the excitement for Christmas keeps me positive and brings joy into my days. But like any other season, our focus and joy should always be Jesus. Christmas is more than a “season”, life is more than getting through the rough days, because there is joy and freedom given to us in Jesus Christ, to enjoy everyday of our lives!

Recently I have talked to some of my friends about this, how it is easy to start focusing on ourselves, on our problems and seeing the world with our shallow perspectives. But there is so much more going on in this world, God is working in marvelous ways all the time, and the hope that He is, should never leave our sight.

Waiting on the World to Change

It always makes me bummed when the leaves fall off the trees so quickly in the fall. It is a short season that lasts for about a month. But even though it is short and sweet, I enjoy it greatly. I recently took a walk through Highland Park and it was beautiful.



On our walk, we found a fawn!! It’s momma came trotting over after a little bit, but Stephen got really close! “Im quite fawn’d of you my deer.”


There is nothing like a classic midwest sunset pic.

Over our Fall Break, my sister and her two kids came to visit me! It was a cold and rainy day but we bundled up and had fun playing outside anyways. My niece is a little explorer and my nephew is adorable in his new hat!



The school year is in full swing, the leaves are turning and the air is chilling.

I love this time of year; it will never get old. As we approach Fall Break and Homecoming, school work is picking up a little and even though I want to spend my days drinking coffee with friends and enjoying the crisp Autumn air, I must stay focused on schoolwork. I admit that this is always one of my biggest challenges. Even though I have always done well in school it takes intentionality, or else I would much rather just be with people!