Family <3

My grandparents recently celebrated 55 years of marriage! I praise God everyday and thank Him that he blessed my with such amazing grandparents who are so encouraging to me in everything they do and have done in life! I love them so much! On Father’s Day we took a nice family photo!

Lemonade for Sale

Today I was driving in the Glenview area and I passed by two kids selling lemonade. I started to reminisce on the days when I was a little girl and my best friend and brothers would sit at the end of our driveway and sell lemonade. It really encouraged me to see two young boys not sitting inside playing video games or playing on their phones, but actually being kids, trying to earn money and using their creativity to have fun and sell lemonade. I had to stop and buy some of their lemonade! I was so happy to see that! It made me want to be a kid again and sell lemonade at the end of my driveway.

Secret Note

The other night I worked from 8pm to 4am and when I got to my car I saw a piece of paper on my windshield. Being that it was 4am, I was a little skeptical and freaked out to look to see what it was, but I got out of my car and took it off of my windshield. To my surprise it was a letter from my boyfriend who had stopped by and put it there to say hello!


Youth Group

This summer I will be volunteering in the youth group at my church, Our Savior. I am really excited to be apart of this youth group and be able to serve my church community. I loved youth group in high school and it was a really crucial and important time in my life. Having the support and friendship of other christians as I was transitioning into college really helped my to stay on track with my faith. I hope I can make as much a difference in these kids lives as the leaders at my youth group did for me in high school! I pray God will use me to encourage and help these kids as they grow in their spiritual lives and learn how to keep their faith strong as they move into the “real world”.