Dual Citizenship (sort of)

If you are anything like me, summer is a time where it feels like you are in another realm of life.  This is especially true when you live two states away from campus.  Whenever I come home it feels like I am entering a separate life from the one I have at school.  This is because the environments are completely different, the people are not really connected in any way, and whenever I am home in Nebraska, it is during a time when things are pretty laid back and move slowly.   I also noticed that I act differently back home than I do at school.  It is not that I am putting up a front in either case.  It is just that there are two different sides of me that come out in the different environments.

I imagine it is the same for a lot of people who went away for school.  The reputation that you have built up from years at home doesn’t necessarily match up with the reputation you have at this new place.  Odds are moving away for school has contributed to a lot of growth and change in your life from where you had been in years previous.  Sometimes it can be tough to balance those.  You basically have two different mindsets of home.

However, maybe this has not been a problem and you are pretty consistent no matter the environment.  If that is the case, good for you.  But I am of the belief that having this sort of dual citizenship is a palpable example of showing where you’ve come from and where you are going.  Now the goal is to recognize  the areas you can serve God better, and apply them to each environment.

My First Post

Hello Everyone!  It is good to be on the internet. I don’t really know what I am doing with this blogging stuff, but I guess we will learn together as we go.  I have just finished up my Sophomore year at Trinity (as well as an 11 hour drive home) and I am ready for the summer months.

What awaited me when I got home was my brother’s high school graduation.  Obviously I was very proud of my little brother, but I was also excited because he will be joining me at Trinity this coming school year.  That means there will be two deep-voiced goofballs on our lovely campus for the next few years.

That is me on the left, my brother Adam is dressed up after graduation (I think we caught him mid shoulder shrug, and he clearly has been outside more than me as well), along my sisters Danielle and Allison.

I look forward to sharing some of my life with anyone who visits these blogs over the coming year (and there may be some odd posts, because I am an odd person).  If you have any comments or questions about literally anything (I mean ANYTHING), feel free to send me a message and I will do my best to answer it.

This has been my first blog post, have a good rest of your day.