A little over a week ago I, along with other student leadership groups at Trinity, went on the annual Student Leadership Retreat to Green Lake, Wisconsin.  This is always one of the highlights of the year for me and it is a fantastic way for the students to get reintroduced to their Trinity lives after living elsewhere all summer.  There are some meetings and business that groups need to take care of, but it is largely just a fun and life giving experience.  Every morning there is a set time for all the students to have solitude and quiet time.  This was something that I have looked forward to more and more when going on this retreat.  Too often I brush quiet time off to the side or do a very abbreviated version of it.  Sometimes it seems like it does need to be totally structured for me to actually have decent quiet time with the Lord, and sometimes that means putting somewhere on your schedule so you can’t just decide to do something else.

Anyway, the retreat was great and the setting was beautiful.  Here is a picture to prove it (because I know you all doubt the stuff I say and need further proof).


So I was riding my bike the other day (luckily I hadn’t forgotten, I’ve heard it is hard to forget) and I passed by my old Elementary school that I attended.  I was instantly hit with a nostalgia bomb.  Those were some of the glory days, filled with simplistic whimsy.  I missed those days (even though, objectively speaking, I was an idiot back then.  I mean seriously, I was just learning colors and handwriting).

Every now and then I think we need to stop and look back on our lives to see where we have come from.  How have I grown? How has God shaped me through this part of my life?  During the busiest times of our lives it can be difficult to slow down, but finding those moments can better help one understand themselves and grow closer to God through times of reflection.

On a side note: Nostalgia is a really fun word to say.

Community Profile

Here is a Kearney, Nebraska community profile:

This is Miles DeLapiscina


There are many quality members of the Kearney community, and one of the more beloved members is Miles DeLapiscina.  Miles is an interior decorator who has been helping spruce up and add the necessary delicate final touches to local cottages and condos.  His keen eye for the small things that make a house a home is what makes him a popular choice among homeowners in the area.

Miles and his wife, Marie, live just outside Harmon Park Pool with there two kids, Kyle and Miroslav.  He is a charitable soul who has continually made efforts to help those without homes in woodland areas.  When asked what drives him to give so much to those in need he replied, “(nose twitch), (several quick head turns), (scurried off)”.  He was never a man to boast about what he has done and actively flees praise and recognition.

Life in the Plains

Spring and summer is both a blissful and potentially turbulent time for those who live in the Heartland.  Along with vast blue skies, abundant sun and gusting winds, there are times when billowing storm clouds invade these tranquil lands with their menacing presence (how is that for descriptive/pretentious writing, Willa Cather you have just been served).  Days like these are muggy with blustery winds and sinus pinching atmospheric pressure.  Homeowners batten down the hatches and say a few extra prayers in hopes that God will turn a predicted hail storm into a light drizzle.  It is days like these where people notorious for talking about the weather finally have a legitimate reason for doing so.   Afternoons and evenings filled with watches and warnings, startling sirens, and constant television interruptions by the Emergency Alert System.  Supercells, warm fronts, cold fronts, thunder and lighting, and the fujita scale.  These are the words of the day during a stormy day in Nebraska.

Storm clouds over Grand Island, NE

Sometimes you find vehicles like the one below around town, preparing to intercept a system of storms.

Storm Chaser vehicle in front of the Quality Inn in Kearney, NE

That’s just life around here.


Joe Greeno Field, just west of Kearney High School

This is the field where I do a lot of running during the summer.  It is an artificial turf field that is home to Kearney High Track (2014 State Champions….and winners of like 17 of the past 21 state championships, its gotten kind of ridiculous), and an all-purpose practice field for other sports.  It is the height of aerobic and anaerobic exercise luxury!!

You may ask yourself, “why does a guy who is not doing any sports in school, continue to work out and do things that are kind of miserable?”  I don’t know, but I think it is because after years of playing sports year round and continuously training, it has become ingrained in my average sized brain (<that may be an overestimation) that I need to keep doing this.

Internal Application Alert!

That got me thinking, why am I able to do something strenuous like this on a consistent basis, but so many times I neglect God in my prayer life and reading the Word for relatively long stretches of time?  These are activities far less physically taxing.  Why am I so inconsistent in this area of my life?

Humans (I assume that is who I am talking to, I’ve been told this blog is also highly visited by otters) by their nature need to discipline and condition themselves to pick something up as a habit.  This requires vigilance.  One thing that I have been trying to do as of late is get consistent time in the Word over these months (summer offers some free time) and allowing myself to have a spirit influenced life.  I am still working on it (or is He working on me–Christian cliche!) but am far from perfection in that part of my life (I am actually gunning for adequacy).  But God is good and life is a never ending spiritual process.  I just need to be running toward Him (–I am nailing these Christian cliches today!)





Like many people, I picked up some work during the summer to occupy what would otherwise be an overabundance of free time.  Plus it gives me an opportunity to accumulate some extra scratch (scratch means money I think, I am not actually sure if anyone uses that word, but I think I heard it somewhere).  I am working at a large conference center helping set up for meetings, weddings, and the like.  It is a pretty nice job in all honesty.

I just completed my first week of working…and that is about all I can say.  I don’t have too many interesting insights about it.  God is good, so life is good.