A Fresh Glimpse Is All You Need

I’ve realized more and more over the past two years that far too many of my decisions in life are motivated by fear. Fearful of what might happen, fearful that something might go wrong, fearful of commitment to something/someone, fearful of what people will think… Fear paralyzes the faithful life that God has called you to.

For me, I want to be somebody who is impactful. I want to help people get where they need to be. I want to love people in a way that stirs their affections for God and others. Sadly I’ve already had many opportunities to do these things but I have let fear control my hand and have decided to fold instead of stay in there.


I think one of the most depressing things that I can think of is me being at the end of my life with a list of things that God had given me an opportunity to explore, but I let fear excuse me from the room. I picture a sorrowful regret in where I see so much of what I had to offer, but I didn’t trust God enough to follow through. I envision all these people that I used to care way too much about, and as a result of caring more about what THEY thought than what GOD thought, I have to remind myself everyday how stupid I was for giving people all that power. I don’t want that to become a reality for me and I don’t think you want that to happen to you either.


But there is this thing called life, and when we are in it for a while, things get complicated. Our life experiences always have a way of justifying themselves. From there, we end up 10 steps behind where we should be with a yellow legal pad of excuses to justify our disobedience.

The problem is that we have forgotten who God is. We’ve forgotten that He is sweeter than anything we have every tasted, more satisfying than anything that we can put into words, and unshakable when He is opposed by anything. This is God. The One who tore down the walls of Jericho, the One who loves us perfectly, and the One who has always accomplished everything that He has set out to do. Every single thing that you and I think is filtered through how true we believe God to be. I think that a reason we are so fearful is that we have come to conclusions in the circumstances of life that are filtered NOT through who God really is, but who we have compressed God to be.


The theme of the entire Old Testament still rings true to this day; remember who God is and don’t be afraid. NOT because life is easy, NOT because you have to toughen up, NOT because what you experience isn’t legitimate affliction.. But because God is over all of those things. Because the enemy literally has to ask for God’s permission to do anything. Because the future isn’t a place that God knows about, it’s a place that He is currently at.


You and I are at points in our lives where we can’t afford to forget who God is any longer. He is perfectly holy, intensely motivated to do something unexplainable through your life, and fiercely focused in bringing His name to the ends of the earth. He’s your only hope. You don’t have to operate out of fear anymore. You don’t have to cross your fingers all day and hope that everything in your life gets better. You can have a deep confidence that God is going to do something in and through your life that is so amazing that it isn’t possible to logically verbalize.

So spend time with God. Look for Him, talk to Him, try and create and opportunity to see a fresh glimpse of who He is. Because a fresh glimpse of the God of the universe can make all the difference. A fresh glimpse of who He really is can change everything!


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