When God’s Promises Aren’t Enough

Whether you are a Christian or not, I’m sure you’ve heard a couple of these phrases thrown around:

“God has a plan for you”

“God is always with you”

“God loves you”


Something like that right? And those things aren’t bad by any means, but if we are honest, they get old to hear don’t they? Some of you are like, “Man if somebody tells me that God knows what’s best for me one more time, I’m going to flip out!”.


Trust me, I know that feeling. Is it true that God has a perfect plan for you? Of course it is! But if it is, why doesn’t that encouragement always feel encouraging? Is it true that God is always with you and loves you? Yes it’s completely true. But if it’s true, why do those words go right past us like they don’t mean anything? These promises that God gives us SHOULD change everything we do, but the truth is that sometimes they don’t hardly change anything.


I’m completely guilty of this. I would say that all people are guilty of it in particular seasons. But why? Why are these precious promises leaving us disappointed and hopeless when they are supposed to be the strength and motivation for us to push through? Well I think there are lots of things to be said, but it’s all narrowed down to one thing: We forget WHO is giving us these promises.



The God who promises to satisfy you is the same God who is invested, interested, and included in every decision you make.

The God who promises to be with you is the same God is the same God who’s heart is inclined to the groaning of our hearts when we are speechless and don’t know what to do.

The God who promises to be for our joy is actively working to accomplish that through His work in our lives, even when circumstances don’t maybe reflect that.

The God who promises that He loves you is the same God who sent His entirely perfect Son to die for us so that we could be in His family.



It’s not just the promises that gets us through, it’s the Person delivering the promises. And we have never had a reason to not believe and put our complete trust in the promises of God.┬áThe Person of God is what makes the promises of God plausible.


So when they don’t feel these promises don’t feel true… they are.

…when you feel alone… you aren’t

…when you think something else will help… it won’t

…when you feel like you are exempt from these promises because of your sin… you aren’t



These promises aren’t just true, they are enough. Why? Because of the Person behind them.

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