The Hope of Immeasurable Greatness

Much of what we do is set by a particular standard that is set in place. Maybe it’s how well you’re doing in school, how much money you make, or whether or not you are on the A team or B team in basketball. A way to measure how “good” you are doing at one of those things can be revealed by how those questions are answered.


These measures by which we gauge things can be good as they are helpful in seeing where we need to improve, but they can also be dangerous. To some degree, we naturally set standards, even if they are unspoken standards, we still acknowledge them. The standard of being a smart can be measured by one’s GPA. But if one doesn’t have a high GPA does that make them an idiot? Of course not! But if that’s the only way we measure it, then we can confuse ourselves into thinking that if standards aren’t being met, then we must not be growing. I say all this because not because it is a direct reflection of what I’m trying to teach, but just because I want us to realize how tricky standards can be.

When our thoughts aren’t held captive and they wonder around, we will naturally put standards and limits on God. We all do, because our finite minds naturally do that. But that doesn’t make it okay.


Ephesians 1:19 says, “and what is the immeasurable greatness of His power toward us who believe, according to the working of His great might…” 


The greatness of God simply cannot be measured. So why do we keep thinking that we have the right to put a standard on Him? When our minds resort to a place of measurement when thinking about God, we aren’t serving God anymore, just a god that we can comprehend.  The standard and measure of God is complete perfection, but our minds aren’t able to fully process that, no matter how far along we get in our faith. And as odd as this may sound, it’s incredible news that saturated with hope.


It means we don’t need to worry. Why? Because worry happens when we are fearful of our standard for something to not be met. But since God is immeasurable in His greatness, He always fulfills the standard of perfection.

You have a chance. Get back up! Keep walking, keep trying, and keep your thoughts close to the truth of Ephesians 1:19. The magnitude of His might is limitless. He’s with you all the time and His greatness is without measure.



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