3 Things I Learned in 2014

Well, another year has passed. Lots of things happened over the year. Lots of joyful things that I rejoice and am glad in, but also moments and seasons of drought where I was wondering if God would be able to come through. In case you’re wondering, He did. He always does. And He’ll do it again in 2015. But as I reflect on this past year and all that I experienced and encountered, I’m left inspired and humbled that the Lord came through in the way that He did. While I could go on for a long while about all that I learned this year, here are just 3 of the main things that I learned in 2014.


1.) If I’m not actively in God’s Word, I can’t be walking rightly with God.

Now, you may read that and think it’s a no brainer, but I’m convinced that practically, you are guilty to some degree as well. There were times this year where I decided not to read God’s Word, but still tried to walk in His Truth. Well can you guess how long that lasted? I couldn’t do it, and I couldn’t because I had no Truth to walk in. In response to coming to a “dead end” in looking for God’s truth without reading His Word, I started justifying things to formulate my own truth. The truths I formulated failed me as God’s timing proved them to be false. God’s Word is the only Truth that we have, and He always reveals that to us. In 2015, I want to run from self-created truths. I want to stand under the Word of God and know what it says. I want to remind myself that that I can’t live without being in His Word and letting it be the single voice of reason and truth in my life.


2.) We live in a broken world.

I’m constantly amazed at how often I forget this. I go to a conservative, evangelical school in the north suburbs of Chicago. I love it there, don’t get me wrong, but a bubble of oblivion to where I don’t truly comprehend the world I’m living in. I used to know it. Heck, I went to a public high school! But how quick are some Christians to forgetting that there are people in this world that haven’t tasted and seen that the Lord is good. That there are people we see everyday who do not know and love Jesus. Some of us are so numb to that sentence that we didn’t even read all of it. That has to change. We obviously know that we live in a broken world, but if we aren’t personally seeing and experiencing the brokenness of the world through relationships with those enslaved to it, then we aren’t going into THE world to make disciples of ALL nations as Matthew 28 commands,but instead we are going into OUR world “making” disciples of whichever nations we choose to. We’re ignoring reality and in doing so, we are allowing opportunities for gospel transformation to slip right by. The motivation of ones heart is cultivated by what breaks it. What breaks your heart? I hope that it’s, at some level, the world that we live in. I sure know it breaks mine, and in 2015 I want to keep coming back to this reality every day, so my passion can grow all the more, realizing that failing to acknowledge this will end in useless activity that isn’t edifying.


3. God is sufficient.

I’m always amazed, and honestly embarrassed, when I look back at how many things I did in hopes of being satisfied in the process. Sure, I wouldn’t say I was pursuing them for satisfaction, but I definitely was. Sometimes bad things that were sinful, and sometimes good things that I stewarded in a sinful way. I’m single, and I don’t want to be sinful all of my life. Possibly the biggest things I learned in 2014 is that God can show you is sufficiency in your singleness. While it might feel like being in relationship with another person will satisfy us, even a God-honoring relationship, time will prove that to be false. Everybody you know and are in relationship will fail you because everybody you know is a sinner in need of God’s grace. Forming habits of contentment now will be a blessing in the future! If satisfaction in our heads are contractional to the presence of a boyfriend or girlfriend, then we are in a world of hurt. God is sufficient in your singleness. He’s sufficient in your depression. He’s sufficient in your inadequacy. He’s sufficient in your sin.


God is who He says He is and He will always do and accomplish what He sets out to do and accomplish. I pray that 2015 is a fruitful year, and that we would learn from experience and reflection on the past so that we may earnestly seek and yearn for the fullness of God to be revealed to us all the more through faithful obedience.

Feel free to let me know some things that you learned in 2014, I would love to hear it!

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