3 Reasons Why I Don’t Read My Bible

The Bible is, and will remain, the most widely sold book of all time. It’s a book that our grandparents read. It’s a book that their grandparents read. It’s a book that will always have a place in every people of every culture in every era. But… How often do we actually open it up? Do we realize the power in that dusty leather thing by our night stand? If I’m honest, I don’t do an awful job at reading the Bible. Sure, I’ve grown in consistency and love this Book, but I admit that I still fail to open it sometimes. Ironically, I usually fail to open it when I need it most. Why is that? Well, if you’re like me, and you probably are, you have reasons that you don’t read the Bible too. Some of you don’t even know why you don’t read it. But wherever you are at, here are the three things that I use as excuses to not open God’s Word. I’m being honest by writing this blog post, will you be honest by looking for reasons that you don’t open God’s Word too? I hope so and hope this will also be helpful as many people struggle with the same things.


1.) “I forgot…”

We forget stuff all the time. Our keys, wallets, phones, etc. But you know what I bet we don’t forget? Eating. I’m not saying we don’t get busy and maybe “forget lunch”, but you won’t miss the next meal will you? Why is that? Well, it’s because we realize that we NEED food. James MacDonald has a great quote, “When God’s Word becomes your delight it’s no longer something you can do without, something you cannot live without.” So it’s an issue of delight. It’s an issue of where we choose to find pleasure and enjoyment. Now, I love to eat and I know I’m not going to miss my meal in 45 minutes because I won’t let myself miss it. What if we had that same motivation with the Bible? What if we ran to God’s Word daily as eagerly as we run to get the best spot in the lunch line? Forgetting to read God’s Word is a result of use priorly forfeiting it. What does that mean? Well, it means that “forgetting” to read the Bible is merely a byproduct of denying your need for it. Because if you know you need it, you can’t go without it. Forgetting isn’t a good enough excuse anymore, we need to delight in it continually so we don’t forget anymore!


2.) “It’s confusing…”

Um yes, I completely agree. The Bible is the most valuable book that you could ever pick up, so listen to me, I understand that it’s frustrating when you aren’t understanding the points in the Old Testament. I get that it’s a lot to take in. I get that sometimes translations use words that you don’t know. But should that excuse us from reading it altogether? Of course not! If this is your attitude toward the Bible, then you won’t pursue anything worthwhile in life because everything that is hard or not ideal for you, you quit. We get annoyed when we don’t understand the Bible, but really, how amazing is it that we have a God who isn’t completely understandable? How shallow would God have to be to make Himself so comprehensible that it takes us little effort to know about Him? He’s bigger than that. Laboring in God’s Word always produces life-change, we just don’t want to make the sacrifice of labor. So while it may be confusing, keep pressing. Keep asking questions. Check other translations. Use the dictionary (seriously). Because God doesn’t buy into the excuse that it’s confusing.


3.) “It’s not relevant…”

Now, many of us won’t admit that we are guilty of this, but we practically prove this to be true. We think that the teachings of Scripture are something of the past and that it doesn’t add value to where we are at in our lives currently. Again, I find myself very practically guilty of this. It’s hard for me to feel like I really belong sometimes. You know what I mean? I stress over being liked and accepted. That’s reality for me every single day. Do you know how often I run to the Bible with that? Not very often. Why? Because in my heart, in some of those moments, I don’t think the Bible has anything to say about it. And I just want you to know that that couldn’t be more false. The Bible has something to say about everything! Whether it be directly or indirectly, I believe that the Bible is a book that’s words have valuable implications in every decision, thought, and action that we ever do. The Bible is relevant to your family issues. The Bible is valuable to your depression. The Bible is sufficient for your life. Please don’t think that your the exception to it’s importance.


So where are you at? What’s your tendency? Maybe it’s not all three, maybe it’s only one. But whatever it is, lets tackle it. While these may be legitament reasons why we don’t sit down and open up God’s Word, they certainly don’t excuse us from it. There isn’t a single circumstance in all of history that will ever excuse somebody from regularly reading and meditating on the Bible.

So don’t waste time, lets get right at it. I’m reading Proverbs 9 today, what are you reading?

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