Santa Lucia

Last week Trinity was celebrating the Swedish Christian holiday of Santa Lucia. For those of you who do not know what/who “Santa Lucia” is, I will tell you. Santa Lucia is a young Christian lady who lived in the Roman Empire in what is now modern day Italy. She displayed great Christian character and eventually was martyred for her faith. According to tradition they tried to kill her first by fire, but miraculously that failed to kill her so they ended up killing her with a sword. Because of this she became regarded as a saint.

Swedes celebrate Santa Lucia by recognizing a young woman of outstanding character in the community. We used to do this in my small Swedish village in Minnesota. At Trinity we also do the same thing. We select a few freshman girls who we believe have excellent Christian character and from there a small group of people select miss Santa Lucia for the year. At the winter formal/Santa Lucia dance we find out who is selected. At Trinity the holiday of Santa Lucia is a fun time of celebrating Christian character and our past Scandinavian heritage.

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