Winter is great, is it not?  Finally a break from all of those inhumane 60 and 70 degree fall days that practically gave all of us heat stroke.  No longer do we have to deal with a broad spectrum of colors emanating from various types of foliage.  These are merely different chromas of death.  Winter is the aftermath of all that death, sort of barren with depressing hues all around.  However I think we should view this snow covered season as a blank canvas that has just been washed clean of all the dirt and grime of the previous year.

I like to think that it is no coincidence that the new year occurs during this time of year, and consequently that resolutions are made.  Now I have never been big on the New Year’s resolution business.  I understand the importance of setting healthy goals, but it seems so arbitrary to do so just because it coincides with the calendar.  I could be wrong, but I think lasting, significant change occurs because of something that you have experienced or been impacted by.  My opinion is also vindicated each year when millions of people can’t keep these resolutions for even a month.  If your goal is forced upon you by some sort of quirky cultural ideal, it probably is not going to stick.

However, what this season does offer is a fresh start of sorts, a blank canvas.  Dare I say, a new earth.  The things that have died over the course of the season will soon bloom again (soon may mean April for Illinois residents, sorry), life will be brought back, and the aura of possibilities and opportunity will fill the air.  That can be true of your personal life as well.  S.A.D.ness has an effect on everyone this time of year because the bleakness of the season sends us humans into thinking that life itself is bleak and desolate.

Sometimes it takes reflection to show us that these feelings of hopelessness and melancholia are not from God, but are a result of neglect of God.  God is love.  God is Hope.  God is not necessarily heat in the midst of bitter cold, but He is Joy in all circumstances.  I wish I were better at explaining this concept, but those who know what your heart is like when Spirit-filled, as compared to when it is Spirit-less, know exactly how wide a dichotomy of feeling that is.

So, as most of these posts end, turn your eyes, ears and heart to God and all will be good.  Love God and love others (and love yourself, hopefully I remember to talk about that in my next post).  Bye.

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