Cali Adventures

Below, are my two good friends and I after the wedding we attended in Pasadena! It was stunning and the reception afterwards was insane. So much dancing, laughter and great food (especially for a wedding!).

┬áThis is Stephen…and he is looking good on Christmas morning!

Stephen and I took a walk around a neighborhood that was decked out with Christmas lights. Some of the houses were completely covered with decorations! I have never seen anything like it.

We hiked a mountain in Joshua Tree National Park, which was basically all boulders. I was nervous we would have to fend off some rattle snakes or tarantulas, but the most vicious thing we saw was a bunny! God’s creation is amazing

“I’m so thankful that I worship a God I cannot exaggerate” -Francis Chan

The Anderson’s and I, ready for the trek!



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