A Pitfall of Fear

Growing up I was terrified when night time came around. I mean you can go ask my parents, they would surely agree! I can’t even count how many times I came into their room at an early hour in the morning, asking if I could sleep on their floor.

This was usually caused by a movie I saw or something I heard on TV. Scary characters in movies just haunted me! And don’t laugh, I know you’re right there with me. But seriously, I would think that these scary guys in movies were coming after me! My parents, who were probably exhausted from having a wiggle worm on their floor every night, explained to me countless times that these people aren’t real, that they were just actors in movies. They were right, yes, but I still didn’t always believe them.

I share this story with the theme of fear because I see fear in the lives of many Christians today. It’s sad, and I’m right there with them. We get dragged into a pitfall of fear.

We feel like there isn’t a way out of where we are at.

We feel like we are the only ones going through something.

We feel like there is not a chance that God will provide

We feel like we will never find our spouse.

…… the list goes on and on. But those examples above usually lead us to the fear of whether or not God will prove Himself to be sufficient in our situation.

As I’m drawn to the Word of God, I’m reminded that everything is going to be okay. That he DID NOT give us a spirit of fear (2 Tim. 1:7). Fear is an illusional reality that Christians result to because it looks real and feels hopeless.

Stop living in a place that doesn’t exist. Fear, for Christians, is an emotion with no substance because the weight of it was defeated by Jesus. As ridiculous as it might sound, many of us are living like I did as a kid with the scary movies. They aren’t real… but they sure feel like it don’t they? Nothing fractures the faith of a Christian more than fear… And getting drawn into a pitfall of fear causes us to live lives of compromise and doubt, which leads to lots of sin that we told ourselves we would never get into… But because we don’t trust God and because we live in this false reality of panic, we forsake our faith for fear.


I’ll leave you with this: Jesus wins. He does. He always has and He always will. How will He be victorious in your situation? I’m not exactly sure. But I promise you that He does all things for your joy, that He loves you, and that He would never put you through anything that wouldn’t be for your greatest good and His highest honor.

Don’t fall into fear. Get out of it. Don’t forfeit your joy because things aren’t ideal. Here’s something to know: a Christian is rarely living with and through circumstances that they consider “ideal”. But we trust God anyway. Hurt is present so hope can be seen. We wouldn’t have any use for hope if everything was awesome… So God is gracious in allowing us to suffer and wrestle through fear so that we can see the hope at the end of the tunnel. O what a glorious day it will be when we see for ourselves that fear has truly been defeated, but until then, we fight.

Jesus wins. He supplies every need of ours according to the riches of his glory, and He is our only hope. He’s patiently waiting… and it’s time for us embrace the reality and acknowledge that yes things may be difficult and our lives may be contaminated with anxiety, but we have reason to rejoice because of the hope of the gospel.




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