The Person of God

I was driving to church the other morning with four words glued in the front of my brain. I couldn’t escape them! They were four words that God was speaking to me when I was reading, and for some reason He wouldn’t let them go.

“I am the Lord.” Exodus 6:8

Four words…

But is it just four words? Why does God say this to Moses? We know that Moses knows that the Lord is the one speaking to him.. So why would God do this?

Well I don’t know where you come from, but I have amazing parents. They really are truly incredible! They aren’t perfect, but they love me unconditionally, provide for me, tell me they’re proud of me, practice repentance in front of me, and show me what it looks like to follow Jesus. I’m definitely fortunate, but would it surprise you that I forget how fortunate I am? Because I do… I forget how fortunate I am because I get used to it. I don’t tell them enough how thankful I am for them. Similarly, Moses is in the presence of God and knows that the Lord is speaking to him, but he, like us, needs the reminder of exactly who is speaking to him.

These are no small four words, they are extremely significant. The person of the Lord is what makes His promises plausible. He’s no impostor. He is exactly who He says He is, and this is what changes who we are.

See God for who He really is this week. Before your feet hit the ground in the morning, remind yourself “He is the Lord”… We aren’t without a plan, but have a purpose because of the person of God.  If we see God as anything other than the Lord, then we will live a disappointed and pessimistic life. We have to have fortify ourselves against false identities of God, lest we will formulate an idol who we recognize as God but is actually somebody else.

So I want to leave you and I thinking about that. How will you remind yourself that God is the Lord this week?

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