Giving Thanks

21 Years of Thankfulness:

  1. Life
  2. Jesus Christ and His amazing grace
  3. Family; each person so unique and treasured
  4. Friends; amazing impacts they’ve had on my life
  5. My health; I have been very fortunate to have lived with so few health issues
  6. Opportunities to travel the world (14 countries)
  7. Adventures in new cultures and lands
  8. Opportunities to play sports
  9. Opportunities to develop my musical talents
  10. The roof over my head and food in my belly
  11. Grew up in a tropical country and could enjoy the sun and beach
  12. Grew up in a Christian home with a loving and supportive family
  13. Freedom to worship Jesus
  14. Chocolate
  15. God’s beautiful nature
  16. God’s provision
  17. Comfy and cozy blankets and pillows
  18. The colors of fall
  19. Fresh snow falling
  20. Worship
  21. Spending time with the people I love most


Thanksgiving this year was spent with my lovely family and Stephen near Rockford, IL. It was a great day filled with food, stories, laughter, games, walks and thankfulness. Besides Jesus, I will always be most thankful for the people in my life.

Below is a picture of Stephen and most of my family who were at our Thanksgiving lunch.

Stephen and I stole Santa’s sleigh.

My cousins, Stephen and I all went to a park near their home to walk off some of the Thanksgiving meal.

The day after Thanksgiving I went to one of my best friend’s home in Chicago and had a second Thanksgiving meal!

This is Hillary (my best friend, the one on the right), her sister Charity and then me in the middle. We had a great afternoon together!


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