An Unusual Gift

What’s the best gift you have ever gotten? For me, I think back to a Christmas where my brother and I got the original XBOX. Oh my gosh we were so pumped.. This was evident in the endless hours that we played in Madden..

That wasn’t the first time you’ve been asked that question was it? We get asked what our favorite gift was all the time. No matter who gets asked the question, we always think of something. But hey, what exactly are the qualifications for the best gift you’ve gotten? It probably has something to do with prize, the usefulness of it, how popular it is or was. Something like that right?


Well in Exodus 19, we see an amazing gift brought to the people of Israel. It wasn’t “the most popular thing”, worth a ton of money, or anything like that.. But the gift itself was amazing. Let me catch you up quickly on the story.


God was using working through the very under qualified Moses to lead the nation of Israel. The people of Israel were currently in captivity to Pharaoh, the leader of the Egyptians. Pharaoh was in control of the Israelites and didn’t give up his authority, although he flirted with the idea of it a couple times. So the Lord provided, as He promised, and led the people of Israel out of the hands of Pharaoh.


All this is incredible! You have to use your imagination. Picture somebody who was enslaved and was saved by somebody. From there enslavement, the person saving them takes them back to a place of safety. God does this, but He didn’t bring them to a place, He brought them to a person. Read in Exodus 19:4:

You yourselves have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagle’s wings and brought you to myself.” 

God saves the people of Israel by His power, and while His power is evident in many forms, it’s all brought back to the person of God.

The greatest gift that God gives us isn’t grace. It’s not love or forgiveness. The greatest gift that God gives us is Himself.


In the midst of conflict…. He gives us Himself

When we are worried…. He gives us Himself

In our rebellion…. He gives us Himself

When nobody else is there…. He gives us Himself.


Depending on where you are at in life, this post could be encouraging, confusing, depressing, confusing… Whatever it is, the truth is the same for every person; this unusual gift of the person of God is available to everybody. No matter how much you have done, no matter the doubt, no matter how unworthy or unqualified you may feel, we ALL have the opportunity to accept this gift. Don’t clean yourself up, the gift that God wants to give you does that!


May we rest in the person of God as He has always proven to be enough, even through a doubtful and messy people.


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