Be You

In my post today I would like to talk about being yourself.  Oh how cliche that term is and overused it is, but I don’t think most people understand what that entails.  In America, being yourself means doing what you want and shrugging off anything to the contrary.  However no one is ever satisfied with where they are at the moment, so they wish for things they don’t have and strive to be like everyone else.  Essentially they forget the primary tenant of being yourself.

People are so obsessed with things and status that who they were created to be does not really enter the fray of their consciousness.  God forbid someone look, act, or be interested in something different than what a dominant group considers normal.  The world will tell you to find your lane and don’t stray from it, but I don’t know anyone who only operates in one lane (interest or way of life).

God created you to reflect Him, but also to be different than anyone who came before you or will come after.  And do not ever be brought down by someone saying you are not normal.  Being normal is boring and I (with my evident 70′s sensibilities) am under the impression that conforming is giving into “the man”, and who would want to do that.  Do you.

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