This is my first post ever!!! So much pressure… Ok. Since this is the first post, I am obviously going to start with something awesome. I will start with food! I mean, who doesn’t like food? And, what is more awesome than FOOD?!?! … Well, I guess a lot of things are more awesome than food(like JESUS), but food is still pretty awesome.

I want to write about food because this year, being my fourth year, is the first year I have a kitchen in my suite! I lived in Johnson Hall before living in Madsen (which is where I am at, now), which has a great community! But, it has no suite kitchen. But now I have one! Hurray!!! I love making FOOD. When I’m bored in my suite, I find myself looking for something to make in the Kitchen. It’s kinda like a stress-reliever for me. Here are some pics of me in action of making my first meal for my suitemates. Food is awesome!

P.S. This will probably not be my only post about food, hehe.

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